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ASER 2014

ASER 2014, the tenth Annual Status of Education Report, is in the field. ASER 2014 began with the National Workshop in early August. Many states have conducted state-level workshops to train district level master trainers. September 6-7 will be the first big weekend for the survey. Look out for more stories!


The 100-day Blog

As people travel around the country for ASER 2014, they share their thoughts and experiences. Read the Day 7 post by Firdous Ahmed.

Day 7 : Life lessons

Tenth year of ASER! Click to get all the details

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What have kids learned? | Click on image to read Dana Schmidt's story

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ASER Centre was established in 2008 as an autonomous assessment, survey, evaluation and research unit within the Pratham network. Read more.


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