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ASER 2014 in the field!

ASER 2014, the tenth Annual Status of Education Report, is in the field.     View tracking map


The 100-day Blog

As people travel around the country for ASER 2014, they share their thoughts and experiences. Read the Day 93 post by Avinash Mohanraj.

NYT features ASER survey | Click to read article

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ASER is a DAC Prize finalist| More information on the DAC Prize


43% ASER 2014 districts have DIET partners


Watch : ASER 2014 : 10 years of assessing change ( ~ 4 m)

ASER 2014: 10 years of assessing change

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ASER Centre was established in 2008 as an autonomous assessment, survey, evaluation and research unit within the Pratham network. Read more.


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