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Capacity building is one of ASER Centre's core areas of work. The importance of capacity building activities derives from the absence of a culture of measurement and analysis in India, whether within the government or outside. The practice of using evidence to formulate plans and strategies and to take stock of progress and development is rare. Equally worrisome is the lack of capacities and skills to generate, present, analyze and act on evidence.  

ASER Centre established a separate Capacity Building Unit in 2010 in order to address this gap. The capacity building unit aims to provide information and skills to individuals and organizations to understand policies and collect, interpret, understand and communicate data effectively. It does this by maintaining an online repository of documents and by designing and running courses and workshops in a variety of formats.

A fundamental feature of all ASER Centre capacity building courses and activities is the integration of classroom course work and field exposure. Since 2010, workshops and course modules have been offered to a variety of organizations and institutions. The Capacity Building Unit also maintains its own website with more information.