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The ASER survey is the largest household survey of children done in India by citizen groups. It is also the only annual source of information for learning levels of children in elementary school available in India. What makes this survey unique is the simple and easy-to-administer process of data collection. The ASER Digital App was created keeping this in mind. The app serves as a tool for communities, organisations, parents, and teachers to assess children periodically, create a report card on their learning levels, and to make informed decisions on ways to improve learning.

Developed by EkStep, Digital ASER can be accessed through the Android application, Genie (available on Play Store on Android), and works both online and offline. It can also be shared offline through ShareIt, bluetooth or SD cards.


Digital ASER is available as a free resource on the EkStep Platform and can be downloaded in two steps:

  • Download Genie from Google Play Store and download Digital ASER, available within Genie
  • Scan the QR code to download Genie

For video tutorials on how to download the app, how to use the app, and Frequently Asked Questions, visit the EkStep Genie webpage