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DIET Collaboration (Kamaal ke Shikshak)


Capacity building of future teachers and improvement in basic reading and math proficiency of children in Std 3, 4 and 5


District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs), established in every district of India, are important institutions that build the capacity of current and future teachers for effective teaching. Any long-term capacity building program in partnership with the DIETs holds considerable promise for positive changes in teaching and learning in elementary schools across the country. Numerous DIETs in the country have collaborated with Pratham/ASER Centre over the last few years to carry out the ASER survey. 243 DIETs participated in ASER 2014, representing 40% of India's rural districts. Over the years, many DIETs have expressed interest in extending this collaboration to include additional activities that strengthen their student capabilities in different areas.


In 2015, Pratham/ASER Centre established year-long institutional partnerships with close to 100 DIETs in 14 states. The program aims to train future teachers to improve basic reading and math proficiency of children in Std 3, 4 and 5 by learning how to: 

- Understand children's current proficiency levels

- Group children by proficiency level rather than by grade, and

- Teach each group of children using methods and materials intended to help them acquire these foundational skills in a short period of time. 

More than 9,000 DIET students across the country will be trained in Pratham’s CAMaL ( Combined Activities for Maximised Learning) framework and will then implement this methodology in selected schools, using the "learning camp" approach which has been proven to improve children's reading and math proficiency in a short period of time. A detailed concept note on the CAMaL framework is available here

Additionally, students in some DIETs will be oriented on simple ways to assess whether policy objectives (of major policies in the field of education like Right to Education Act, National Curriculum Framework) are being met on the ground through short Translating Policy into Practice (TPP) modules. The four TPP modules are Introduction to Translating Policy into Practice, School Management Committees and Parental Involvement in School Education, Learning Assessment and Inside Classrooms.

Pratham/ASER Centre will run more than 350 training workshops for all or selected DIETs in 14 states. Click here to view map.

For an update on the progress made so far with the Kamaal ke Shikshak programme, click here. For a better understanding of the work that is being carried out, follow our Facebook page, Kamaal ke Shikshak. Follow our blog for stories from the field.