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External Workshops with Partner Organisations


Since 2010, ASER Centre has conducted short and long-term capacity building activities with a variety of partner organizations. These include State Councils for Educational Research and Training (SCERT), District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET) faculty and students, and government functionaries at the district, block and cluster level in several states. We have also conducted short and long-term workshops for university and college students as well as other non-governmental organizations. 

We conduct workshops on : Translating Policy into Practice | Pratham's CAMaL Methodology | Early Years | Water & Sanitation

In addition to the above-mentioned modules, ASER Centre is now offering courses for external survey coordinators and research associates who are currently engaged in data collection, analysis, dissemination as well as training, supervising field teams, and coordination. Learn more.


External workshops from 2011 onwards:

The map below displays state-wise partners who have collaborated with us to conduct any of the three modules till date. Scroll over a state highlighted in blue for the list.