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ASER Centre has teams in almost all states in the country. These teams are responsible for coordinating projects at the state level, including mobilizing, training and supervising partner institutions and field surveyors; data collection and analysis including identifying and understanding key trends emerging from the data; and dissemination of this data by effectively communicating evidence for the project to a wide range of stakeholders. 

In order to increase the effectiveness of our own staff as well as to expand the pool of individuals who are able to take our capacity building efforts to other audiences around the country, state team members undergo a course to build their own capacities. The content of the course has been designed on the basis of ASER Centre’s experience in working with these teams across the states and to strengthen their abilities to competently fulfill all the roles and responsibilities outlined above. The course programme is extended to Pratham as well as a few external participants in New Delhi.

Participants are taught applied statistics and Excel, tools for data collection, communications, and leadership. Modules such as Education System in India and English Language were recently added to the course curriculum. 

The internal course is taught by a team of experienced trainers who are project leads of research studies within the organisation and a part-time consultant. Participants who successfully complete the course are awarded certificates by Centre for Lifelong Learning at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

In the past, a 'Certificate in Leadership and Organizational Management', CLOM, was jointly offered by Pratham Education Foundation and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai to provide a rich in‐service experience to middle-level personnel in Pratham and ASER Centre. The program offered modules on communication and influencing, team building, management and leadership, networking and advocacy, self-management and technical skills. ASER Centre conducted sessions on understanding and presenting data. 

Certificate in Adult Learning and Training Management (CALTM): In addition to the internal course programme, Pratham Education Foundation and Centre for Lifelong Learning, Tata Institute of Social Sciences jointly conduct a course for Pratham  and ASER Centre trainers who work directly with various adult groups such as in-house trainers at the state and district level, government teachers, teacher trainees, etc. For more information on CALTM, click here.


Capacity building workshops in other social sectors are based on five broad themes: Food - Basic concepts, Micronutrient deficiencies - Basic concepts, Immunization, Growth Monitoring, Diarrhoea - Basic concepts. For more information on these themes, click here. These workshops are conducted by the Other Social Sectors unit within ASER Centre. The Unit explores the broader applicability of ASER and Pratham's expertise in generating understandable evidence with community participation. It focuses its efforts on research, capacity building and communication in other social sectors that directly or indirectly influence education. Since its inception, the Unit has been working on mother, child and home environment issues such as nutrition, health and other overall development domains specifically in the early years and beyond. For the full list of workshops conducted, click here.

The internal course programme is also open to working professionals who can apply these skills in their work as well as enhance their overall knowledge of these subjects. For more information, contact Nandita Banerjee at